Goodfellas Merch | MEET THE TEAM
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Joe and Jana


We both truly have a passion for screen printing and enjoy following each and every job from start to finish to ensure quality control each step of the way.  We are constantly in pursuit  of new ways to improve our Company and look forward to providing our current and new customers with top quality screen printing.




Danielle handles all accounting, accounts payable/receivable, and placing garment orders.  She works closely with our suppliers on garment updates and issues as well as pricing.  She overlooks everything with a fine tooth comb to ensure everything is running efficiently for our customers and the company.


Customer Service
Art & Film Separation

Will has had a hand in many positions here at Goodfellas Merch over the years and his knowledge in these areas helps keep your ordering process as smooth as our prints! He is here to assist you with placing your order as well as making sure your artwork is ready for our production staff..

The Crew

Hiring people that care

We only hire people that love what they do and ensure your product turns out the way you anticipate and with the love and care you would give it yourself.