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Maxed out print area comes up a lot and these are the facts:
Max Print size is 16″ x 21″. The image shown has been designed specifically to max out on an XS t-shirt. The inseam at the sleeves of an XS  t-shirt is 11.5″ while the waist is 14.5″ As you can see the image is narrower at the top to accommodate this smaller inseam at the sleeves. The example below will give you a good idea of how your print will stay the same size as the shirt grows larger. When printing the same design on different sizes we are limited to the smallest garment as our max print area. For example, if the smallest shirt is an XS we cannot print to our full max print area because the shirt is smaller than our print area. Image below is photographs of actual American Apparel t-shirts with the artwork specs sized according to the max print area on an XS. If you need exact sizing and placement for your design please provide size specs with the art file as well as a digital mockup. If specs are not provided we use mockups for general placement and sizing. If a larger design is desired for larger shirt sizes a new screen is needed.


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