Discharge Screen Printing


Discharge inks are similar to water based inks as they soak into the garment and leave a very soft hand.

The difference is an additive that is used that actually “bleaches” out the fabric dye used by the manufacturer and leaves either the natural color of the cotton below or a new pigmented color. This method is typically only used on medium to darker garments and is only guaranteed on 100% cotton. The results are a very vibrant print with an incredibly soft hand. Much like water based inks there will be some natural fading and fuzziness after the shirt is washed and worn.

PMS color matching is available but will vary depending on the shirt color and shirt manufacturer, certain colors used in the manufacturer's dying process do not produce a desirable effect (for example, using a white discharge on a royal blue shirt will produce a lighter blue-tone print)

For this ink type we tend to recommend designs with simple and solid lines. Extremely thin lines and small details / dots are not recommended.

Please contact us for further information and to see if this would be a good option for you.