Pantone Matching

Pantone Matching: Also called PMS matching, is an ink mixing system we use that accurately tells us how to achieve the desired color. There are many variables to Pantone matching (including garment color and fabric) but ultimately we will make adjustments to get as close as possible to the Pantone color when printed. The results are best with plastisol inks, however can also use this system with water based and discharge inks.

Pantone numbers are very important, but every computer monitor could be calibrated differently, so to insure we use the color properly it is best to have a physical Pantone book in your possession before choosing a color code.

Match to screen: Pantone is a great system, but it doesn't always offer that exact color you are looking for. As mentioned earlier almost every computer monitor or phone screen comes at a slightly different color calibration out of the box. In cases where a pantone specific match is not the focus of your branding and you don't have an official pantone booklet we can visually match to your artwork/mockups based on the visual look on multiple monitors in our facility. In many cases this is a good representation of what your customer may be seeing on your webstore and what they are most likely to expect when their purchase arrives.